Connect + Comprehend with Rattler

Monitor & Control Your Equipment from Anywhere

Rattler is a ground-breaking device that allows you to remotely connect, monitor, and control your equipment.


With Rattler, you can manage your devices from anywhere and receive dynamic warnings, so you know before there is trouble. Every Rattler device includes a high-gain cellular modem, data plan, and onboard GPS, so connecting is easy.

Monitor and Control What Matters.

With Rattler you’ll know if your equipment is overheating, is not where it’s supposed to be, has lost power, and more.


  • Monitor & control your equipment from anywhere
  • On-board cellular and GPS
  • Early warning of equipment failure
  • Small size – easily installed anywhere
  • Ultra-low power consumption

Rattler is smaller than most cell phones
and draws less than six milliamps of power

Cellular, with a boost

If the devices you want to monitor are in remote locations where traditional cellular coverage is lacking, Rattler has you covered. All Rattler devices come with a special antenna that connects even where cellular coverage is poor.

Rattler Devices

Rattler 3

The Rattler 3 features an ultra-small size and is easily installed anywhere. The device requires less than 6mA of power and works in areas with poor signal strength.

Rattler 7

The Rattler 7 has still pictures and video streaming capability, providing you visual connectivity with your equipment even when you are miles away.

Rattler 3i

The Rattler 3i extends the features of a Rattler 3 with additional (4-20 mA) inputs and an AC Voltage Standby Generator. Additionally, the Rattler 3i utilizes the MODBUS protocol.

Perfect For:

  • Lift Stations
  • Pumps
  • Generators
  • Transformers
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Meters

See Rattler In Action

Real-Time Insights

Access to the Rattler Cloud comes with every Rattler device. You’ll see all your equipment on a map, see where there is trouble, and measure performance with one click.

Remotely Control Your Equipment

Rattler devices allow you to remotely control your equipment and support a powerful, flexible and easy to use Logic Table that enables outputs to be dynamically initiated from the state of inputs.

Designed to Connect

Each Rattler device includes a set of digital and analog inputs, 4G cell modem, GPS and instantly connects once you power it up. With Rattler you get 24/7 remote monitoring access using the Rattler Cloud.


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