Lift Stations

The RATTLER 3 offers remote monitoring and control at lift stations to sustain maximum uptime, gain valuable system insight, and establish greater cost savings, all while ensuring added peace of mind.

Equipped with cellular connectivity and data collection capabilities, the RATTLER 3 provides exclusive access to our cloud-based platform, allowing for 24/7 monitoring of system operation. View system statuses in real-time or through automatically generated reports, and get notified of critical issues via email and text alerts.

Why Rattler?

Remote Monitoring and Control of Lift Stations

Be the first to know about power failure events with our battery back-up feature, ensuring “last-gasp” notifications, so that even if power is lost, you can still be in the know. Be informed when the fault light is on before it is reported by the public, or when the bulb is in need of replacement.

Gain insight into pump and mixer status (on/off) and run times (hour meter monitoring), monitor external devices, such as pressure and flow meters, tank level sensors, cabinet door switches, and more – so that you know your lift station fully operational.


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